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Care Groups

CARE GROUPS (small groups)

At Brant Community Church we believe that Care Groups are an essential way to feel connected to others in community of faith. Most groups meet bi-weekly in the home of the leader but a few have other hosts or rotate to different homes.


For becoming part of a group contact a group leader or someone you know in an existing group

or contact Pastor Terry Dorey


Greg & Bev Guthrie (evenings, in-person)

Greg & Tara Wilson (evenings, online); 

Gord & Suzette Jones (evenings, in-person at BCC) ​


Dave & Sue Ralph (evenings, in-person in St. George for young adults)

Shawn & Laura DeBoer (evenings, in-person)


Gary & Barb Dix (evenings, in-person)

Lisa Lumax (evenings, in-person at BCC for women)


Alison Cutts (evenings, in-person)

Launa MaCalpine (evenings, in-person for women)


Brian Rushton (afternoons or evenings, in-person for men)

Rhoda Williams & Brenda MacDonald (afternoons, in-person for women)


no groups currently meeting


no groups currently meeting

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