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At Brant Community Church we believe God is a God of creativity and excellence and we try to be creative and excellent in all we do.  We believe that music is one way we can worship God, but it isn't the only way. Music at BCC celebrates a diversity of sounds and styles, but most of all it is our desire to be authentic in our approach to worship. You'll discover that we have a band and play contemporary worship songs while also integrating some older, classic hymns, often done in a new way. Our focus is less about the music and more about creating an environment where in community we can worship all that God has done for us.  Our worship team is committed to community, authenticity and diversity.

Our teaching on a Sunday morning is relevant, practical and biblically based. We look at how the ancient truths of the Bible intersect and speak to everyday life.  The Bible is the foundation of all of our teaching and music and we invite you to experience God's love and discover the kind of life that he wants you to live, as part of a Sunday morning experience.

We also use creative media, drama and other visuals that help reinforce and support the teaching.

And just in case you were wondering, we don't "pass the plate" in the service.

Sunday Morning
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