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who we are

When the words 'church', 'Christianity' and 'religion' are mentioned, there are so many images that come to mind - some good and maybe some not so good. Whether your experience with Christianity or the church has been positive or disappointing, we want to encourage you to check out BCC.  We are a different kind of church.  We are not about religion. We are all about a relationship with Jesus that can help all of us find the kind of life we are looking for.


Our commitment is to teach God's love and truth in a clear and contemporary way. Whatever your church background was, whether you had one or not, whatever you are facing right now in your life – we are a church that can help you find healing, restoration and wholeness. BCC is a place where you can find life to its fullest.  We are a genuine community that can help you connect with other people who are learning how to live life to the fullest while growing in their relationship with Jesus.


Many people are finding BCC to be a place where they can explore and grow in their faith and find the hope, peace and joy they are looking for. Whether you are a spiritual seeker who's just starting to ask questions about God, or a committed Christ follower who wants to sink the roots of your faith even deeper, you can find a home here at BCC.

our mission & vision

Our Vision

BCC strives to:


Be a COMMUNITY of loving, authentic, growing and grace filled Christ followers


Share TANGIBLE EXPRESSIONS of the love of Jesus to our neighbourhood and beyond 


Create environments where everyone can EXPERIENCE FREEDOM & RESTORATION through a relationship with Jesus

Our Mission

Restoring Lives Through the Love of Jesus.

our passions (core values)

At Brant Community Church we are passionate about:


Worship and teaching that is biblical, relevant, practical and applicable, using innovative and creative means of communication.


Living with the tension between excellence and authenticity.


Connecting in genuine community where we will love, serve and care for one another.


Being a community where grace abounds, messiness is normal, and all people are accepted.


Sharing the love of Jesus in practical and tangible ways including the poor and marginalized locally and globally.  


Followers of Jesus identifying and using their gifts, abilities and experiences in at least one area of ministry.


A community where we are willing to take risks, to make changes and to constantly evaluate our ministries, so we can make our vision and mission a reality.


Praying like it totally depends on God, but working like it totally depends on us.


Not just a single leader setting the vision and leading the way, but a collaboration of key leaders who together discern God's leading.


A "come as you are" attitude, but we are not content to leave people where they are.  We want to help everyone find healing and restoration as they grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

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