“The Discipleship Path: Understanding It and Making Progress On It” is a 40 minute video seminar for every adult who calls Brant Community Church home and for our new friends who are considering Jesus and His message.  


If you think of the Christian life as a journey then where are you on that journey and what could be a next step for you?  Those are questions each of us should be asking on a yearly basis or more often because God’s expectation is that our spiritual growth is a lifetime pursuit. 


This Video along with the Notes and the Chart of Stages and Catalysts for Spiritual Growth will provide you with the perspective and the help you need for making progress in following Jesus.


Watch “The Discipleship Path” and you’ll receive practical information and direction so you can “keep moving forward in following Jesus”.  


For further information and assistance please contact Terry Dorey, Pastor of Spiritual Growth & Connection at tdorey@brantcc.ca

Click here to view the notes
Click here to view the Chart of Stages and Catalysts for Spiritual Growth